Saturday, September 12, 2015

It Was The Other Guy!

It seems the previous tenant of our little Kentucky home neglected to settle his debts with the various utility companies servicing our address.  As a consequence of HIS misdeeds, we have had to really fight and struggle to get any services!  The electric company was the first that I called and that went smooth as silk... A quick credit check and BOOM! No problems there at all.  But every other service has been a nightmare! The water company insisted on a face-to-face visit with photo ids and social security cards.  Dave's SS card was packed in a box so he offered his passport and his military id along with his driver's license. To the water company, these silly little government issued identification methods were UNACCEPTABLE.  Nope!  They wanted a picture-less social security card.  The cable company insisted on a copy of our lease as well as identification and will get back to us once a supervisor has reviewed our documents and removed the block on our address which means, until then, no cable or internet.

It's bad enough that I'm missing my lovely grand babies and kids and my wonderful sewing loft.  Why must I also be without internet and cable??? I have the sewing area set up in the basement but without the possibility of TV or Netflix, I'm uninspired.

So I sit in our hotel room, working on wool applique and watching TV.  Wool is fun to work with and a lot easier and quicker than needle-turn applique. The project is a pattern called Ruby Red Dots by Sheri Howard and as written is a needle-turn applique.  But, if you reduce the size of the pattern using your copier you get manageable-sized blocks that can be done in wool.  Hurrah!

I started this a while ago.  It's one of those UFOs that got put away and then forgotten.  I have all the blocks done and set in their sashing.  All that is left is the borders!  I don't know why I never finished it, but it's getting finished now.  The corner stones are done and all but one of them is trimmed.  The bottom border was started and last night I got it finished.    One down, three to go.

Today is a cool day in KY; about 74 degrees which to me is practically freezing.  It's a good day to stay inside with a cup of coffee, streaming my favorite movies via hotel internet and working on my wool applique project.  Life is good.

Piece and Joy

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  1. Ugh on your water problems...seriously! I love your little project..looks like lots of detail--plenty of love and time in that. Barb is thrilled with her book and showed me tonight on our quilt cam (lol Bonnie has great ideas!). So excited for the cruise I cannot hardly stand it! Trying to decide on the main color!