Sunday, January 8, 2012

And SEW it begins...

Well, I've done it!  I have the list- or should I say "lists"- all ready.  As I was putting everything together for this post I decided that I really needed FOUR lists:
  • NEW PROJECTS:  These are the projects that I have bought all the fabric and other materials needed to make the quilt but have yet to start.
  • PIECING. These are projects where I have started to piece, but have not yet finished the top.
  • LONGARM. Projects that are ready for the longarm but haven't yet made it there.
  • BINDING. Pieced, quilted and ready for binding.  (Did I mention I really hate binding?)
So if you want to feel better about your UFO list, just check mine out by clicking on the links to the right.

Now, I thought I should share a few pics.

 First up is my work space. 

This was taken from the door of the room.

See my rulers hanging on the wall? 
 I painted and put that peg board up myself :)

So, the quilt on the design wall... well that's the first UFO I'm tackling.
I started this quilt in Altus, Oklahoma in October 2003.  Yes...2003!
It's called "Home for the Holidays" and was published in the
Holiday 2003 issue of Quilting for Christmas.
When I took this one out of it's storage bin I had three of these blocks done.

I picked it up again in early December and got this far...

Then, Last night I stayed up 'til 4 am and FINSIHED!


So, this leaves the PIECING list and is now on the LONGARM list.

But why stop there? 
I decided to keep up my momentum and start another project.

The Civil War Tribute Quilt is next up.  This was a Block of the Month (BOM) by Homestead Hearth.  I've had all 12 blocks for about 6 months (maybe more)and not a single one started! So....

Month One:  Shots at Fort Sumter

 Month 1 has two blocks that are the same but different sizes...
one is an 18" finished block
while the other is a 12" finished block. 

This is the 18" block...Still have the 12" block to do.
I was really excited about how great the block went together.
 Managed to keep all my points and joints!

Well, that's all I've gotten done since the last time we chatted.  Hope you'll stop by again!



  1. Waaa...I want to come sew with you in your pretty new room!!! did you add the list pages with the links? That's a cool feature!

  2. This is the most beautiful site I have ever seen!! I LOVE the home for the holidays quilt. So excited to see all your projects come to life. The room looks FABULOUS! :) So proud of your blog and can't wait to see this long arm in person!! Go Irene! - Stacie

  3. Hello my name is Christine
    I live in France
    I put your blog in my favorites, I love what you do
    I also like the pretty blue block cream and brown
    @ Soon
    Bye - Christine