Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome and Hello


It's the start of a new year and of course with that comes the ever-present- though rarely-accomplished- new year resolutions.  I have the usual know: lose weight, be more organized, be a better wife/mother/friend/daughter. You get the picture.  As a quilter addicted to starting projects but not quite as committed to finishing them, one of my primary resolutions is to tackle all those pesky and dreaded quilting UFOs...the UnFinshed Objects. Now, included in this list are the projects for which all the materials have been purchased and are in some sort of container waiting to see the light of my Gammill Optimum Plus Longarm...Yes, I have a Gammill, but I digress.  I plan to screw up the courage to post the list to this blog and then- hopefully-show my progress as I work on and complete them.  Now, let's be honest...all of us quilters have at least a few UFOs out there in our quilting universe but I think I may be pushing the boundaries just a wee bit.  Maybe by posting the list here online where the (quilting) world can see it will give me the accountability I need to get these babies done.  One can only try, right? 

Well, stay tuned...the list is in progress and with any luck at all I'll figure out how to post it here along with some pictures :-)



  1. Looks great Irene! We love pictures too! :)

  2. Good luck with this ambitious endeavor. I look forward to seeing your projects progress. Your quilting is fantastic. Love, Mom H.