Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Accuquilt and Done!

Hello Quilters!

You haven't given up on me and my blog and I am so thankful!  I'm always torn on how to spend my time...quilting or blogging about my quilting.  I love doing both and so its hard for me to choose!  Of course, I always get to a point where there is something I've done that I HAVE to share so that sends me from the sewing machine to the computer!

So since the last time we visited I have managed to get a few things rolling...

I worked on my Old Maid BOM and here are the finished blocks for month 1

Aren't they wonderful.  I love the colors.  Some of them I didn't like at first, but cut up and put back together with the other ones that I love and they look great!

Now, one of my toys that I haven't blogged about is my Accuquilt Studio.

I got this as a Christmas present from my wonderful husband and kids.  I've been practicing and have decided that it's time to use it for my next quilt.  I figure my new Block of the Month Civil War Journals would be the perfect quilt to use for my Accuquilt Studio's maiden run!  The first step was figuring out what die cuts to use.  I got the "Bread and Butter" die cut set with the Studio but I needed a couple of different ones...namely the 2" square and the 3" finished Half Square Triangles (HST). 

This is the top and bottom of the die for the 2 " squares.

Now, one of the tricks of the trade is that if you think ahead and layer your fabric right sides together when you cut out the shapes they will be all set to sew together. 

This is the fabrics I need for the HST layered on the HST die.

And through the Studio it goes.  Sorry for dark pic but
there was too much glare with the flash.

Once it rolls through the machine (You hand crank it through)
 this is what you end up with:

HSTs with the ears already trimmed!  Yea!

Here they are all stacked and ready to be sewn. 

I chained these babies together!

 Ignore my icky ironing board. 
It's time for a new cover and just haven't bothered to deal with it!

Now, one of my biggest concerns about using the Studio was that there would be a lot of waste but as you can see it's not that bad- it just takes a little practice. 

And the time I saved!  Friend, I cut out 160 2" squares and 32 HSTs AND
chain-pieced the HSTs together in UNDER AN HOUR! 
And they were perfectly cut!  It was so easy and wonderful!

Here's all the pieces.

And here they are complete!

Civil War Journal Month 1
All 8 DONE!


Well, this was a great a visit. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!




  1. Hey there! Good job with the Studio cutter! Hope you are doing well!

  2. It looks so easy! You are a pro!