Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back on the Blog!

Yep, FINALLY!  I'm back on the blog!  It's been over a year but here I am.  You're probably wondering where I went...or maybe not but I'll tell you anyway :-P
There I was, minding my own business when all of a sudden I was overtaken with this crazy idea to get a JOB!  Yes, a JOB!  I don't know what I was thinking...well actually, I was thinking, "Imagine all the fun quilty stuff I can buy if I have a job!" So, I started the hunt and THAT was the beginning of the end.
I was hired in February 2012 by a local contract manufacturer as an Account Coordinator.  It was a good job in that the days went by VERY fast.  It was like being in a time warp.  I no sooner arrived in the morning and BAM!  It was time to go home.  That was the good part...well, that and payday.  The bad part was that by the time I got home at the end of the day I was EXHAUSTED and having spent the entire day on a computer the LAST thing I wanted to do when I got home was more computer stuff.  I didn't even want to SHOP online! 
On top of that, I had no quilting time.  I worked a 45+ hour work week and used the weekend to do laundry, housecleaning, pay bills and that kind of icky household stuff so even if I had time I wouldn't have much to blog about....I mean, who cares about how a dropped I brand-new, giant-size bottle of laundry detergent which broke open creating a mess that took HOURS to clean up?  And while now I had some extra cash, I had no time to spend it!  How awful is THAT?
Well, my salvation came in the form of my husband's retirement from the US Air Force after 26 years of service and his entrance into the civillian workforce.  His new position requires him to go to several different places for training over the course of several months and we decided that I should travel with him rather than be apart for 9 months which of course meant that I had to quit my job.  The funny part is that shortly after I quit my job my husband's new employer changed his training to just two months! God works in mysterious ways!  My last day of work was in March and since then I have been crazy busy putting together my husbands retirement dinner/party, entertaining visiting family and friends, and getting ready for our travels.  Now we are on the road which means I'll be able to go to a ton of new quilt shops and blog about them all. I'm so EXCITED! 
To be completely truthful, I can't say I haven't quilted at all...I have managed to work on a few things and when I get back home I'll show you what I've gotten done.  I'll have to update all my lists, too. Sadly, my New Projects and Piecing lists have grown at a much faster rate than my Finished list but I just get so excited when I buy and start new projects.  Of course, I've brought several projects to work on while "on the road" and so I'll be able to share those experiences with you.
I had some very specific criteria when choosing the projects to bring along with me.  First of all, it had to be something that I could work on using my 1952 Singer Featherweight. 
Now, if you ever get a chance to buy one of these babies in good working condition, DO IT!  It is the greatest machine and so easy to travel with and great for taking to classes. 
Secondly, it had to be a project that was already started AND either hand-work, or a paper-pieced project. Why paper-pieced?  Basically, I don't like to switch machines in the middle of my projects because they all sew a little differently.  With paper-piecing it doesn't matter because you are sewing 'on the lines'. 
Now I did have one exception to rule two, and that is my Wedding Star quilt.  This is a pattern by Judy Niemeyer and uses Bali Pops.  I took this photo of the sample hanging in the quilt shop where I bought the pattern. 
Here's a detail shot...
Isn't it wonderful?!
I haven't started it yet and am a little intimidated because this is a big quilt. 
But it is, for the most part, paper-pieced!
Well, this has gotten a bit long-winded but it has been awhile since we last visited. 
Check back in a couple of days and I'll show you all the projects that I brought along
 and the progress I've made on each of them :-)
Until then,
Keep Quilting!

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  1. It is so good to have you back! I know we had a conversation and I also know I should have told you this but when we talked you were in the car and I could hardly hear anything you said! I know - it's a dumb thing to admit now.
    We are on the move once again. We sold our home in Alaska and are leaving here around 21 July and headed across Canada for a while and then driving to Nashville for Jordan's and Kelsey's wedding. After the wedding we will drive the 8 hours to Lynchburg and hopefully find our last earthly home, buy it, and live in it for a long time and fill it with kids and grandkids from time to time!
    Jim's ceremony was wonderful. It was simple but perfect, I think. It focused on God, family, and country as his career was was shared and celebrated. I don't know if you have watched the video that I shared on Facebook but it put our 30 years into 15 minutes. Many things were left out but I do think we got the highlights.
    We are trying to be very positive about leaving Alaska but in so many ways we are pretty sad about it. We have loved it here so much and enjoyed every season. We've had three summers of non-stop visitors and loved that too. But, we've loved everywhere we've ever been so I'm sure we will be happy in VA too. We are not settling on a house until we LOVE it and can't live without it. So far there hasn't been a house in Lynchburg like that but we are still hopeful.
    I have a blog too but it isn't nearly as beautiful as yours. I thought I would keep up with it but there were missed days and they turned into weeks and even months. Since I've discovered that I can do it on my iPhone I've kept up a little bit better.
    I hope you are doing well and I'm so glad you are traveling with Dave. Love to all!