Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Quiltin' Time

Grand Illusion!  I am loving the way this quilt is working out for me!  It's been a bit of a challenge but not in the sewing of the units.  TIME has been such an issue!  First there was school (I'll never take four graduate level classes at once again!), then there was Christmas (so what if the last gift was bought and wrapped on the 24th... at least it was done!) and finally there was my own STUPIDITY!

I wanted to get caught up with the clues!  I had completed 1 & 2 but then got behind.  Not good... I refuse to have another partially completed mystery quilt!

 Celtic Solstice is all cut up and in little Gladware containers :-(
No.   I am going to stay on task and finish this baby!  So, I sat down and started on 3 clue.  Now, clue 3 was easy, right?  I mean- it was just squares.  How can you screw up squares?  Right?  Are you with me?  Well.  Where there's a rush, there's a way!

Here's Clue 1, Clue 2 and Clue 3 units.  Can you see the problem?  (It's not the cat, although Bobbins Hunter does know how to make a nuisance of himself as evidenced in this picture.)

No, it's not that they aren't sewn together...  I used the WRONG FABRIC! 

I used the teal which is my blue and not the purple which is my green!  Such a bummer!  And you know how that goes... All that cutting and sewing done and the thought that you aren't going to be able to use it just makes you want to walk away.  Which I did.  I just got up and walked away.  I didn't even want to think about it!  Then Clue 4 came out and that made me depressed because I hadn't done Clue 3.   And then clue 5 posted and THAT was the catalyst I needed to get the ball rolling again.  Somehow, I managed to pull myself together and on Christmas Day I started Clue 3--- all over again.

Clue 3 Units

Then, when that was done,  I immediately tackled clue 4.

Clue 4 Units DONE!
Units 1-4
I'm happy to report that Clue 5 is done as well but I forgot to take a picture!
 I'm all caught up an anxiously awaiting new instructions!

I'll be spending the week with Bonnie taking her classes at Fabric Fanatics in Plano Texas.  

Today, was a MYSTERY called Garden Party (yes, another one) and let me tell you it's FABULOUS!  But, guess what?   NO PICTURES!  This pattern will be in a future issue of Quiltmaker Magazine so we all have pinkie-promised not to post any picture or details until it is published!  You'll just have to stay tuned but I promise you, when you see it, it will immediately make your bucket list!  

Carefully edited photo of Bonnie Hunter teaching Garden Party
And speaking of Garden Party, I'm all set up to quilt in the hotel room. Bonnie and I have set up a little quilt studio in my suite (my hubby travels and those hotel points really come in handy) so off I go to get a few more blocks of that quilt done and prep work for tomorrow's class, Weedwhacker.  You can find the pattern for Weedwhacker on Bonnie's Blog under the FREE PATTERNS tab.  

Until Next time!

Piece and Joy!

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  1. Hi Irene. It was great meeting you today. The mystery class was a blast. Your blocks look wonderful. Love the teal color! And purple!! Enjoy the rest of the classes. Hope to see you again in future classes.

  2. Sorry you got one clue messed up...it is alot to keep track of, but now you are in the home stretch! So jealous you are doing a mystery before it is out...I am hoping that is what Bonnie will do on the cruise, maybe I should put a bug in her ear, but I hate to ask for anything when she has so much to do and so little time, but I can cross my fingers and toes! So glad you are taking great care of her this week! The weed whacker quilt looks like a great stashbuster too!