Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm Baaaaaa-ack!

It's hard to tell but this blog is actually important to me.  I think about it all the time and I am constantly writing posts in my head but I never seem to get to a point where the ideas go from my head to paper; or in this case, computer.  Why is that?  I have all the usual excuses at hand... I lead a very busy life; hubby, kids, grand babies, pets, longarm buisness, real estate business, graduate school... Really, the list goes on and on.  But I think, really, it's all about HABIT.  It's not my habit to blog, or for that matter, to write, on a regular basis.  In fact, I have never had a great desire to be a writer.  I've always considered myself a 'math person' not an 'english person'.  It's the math and the precision that draws me to quilting...  all those lovely fractions!  And the geometry!  I love geometry; but I digress.

New habits are hard to come by and rarely stick except when they are bad habits, they're hard to get rid of.  Have you noticed that?  All the 'bad habits' are so hard to get away from.  Biting your nails, smacking your gum, using the word 'like' like every 10 seconds ;-) all bad habits and so hard to break away from.  I'm 50 years old and I still find myself biting my nails unless I've paid to have them done.  What's up with that?  So why is it that when you want to develop a 'good habit' it's almost impossible to make it stick?

Let's take exercising as an example.  Many MANY people are in the habit of exercising on a regular, dare I say DAILY, basis. I admire this.  I would love to just WALK on a regular basis and yet I just can't seem to manage it.  I always get off to a good start.  New Years, right?  Resolution:  Walk everyday!  I'm good for about 3 weeks and then, it happens.  For some reason, and it's probably a reasonable reason like it's raining, I don't walk.  And that one missed day turns into two, two turns into a week and so on and so forth until it's the new year and I'm making another resolution.  UGH. So, I pose these questions to all those in blogdom... What NEW good habit have you acquired and how did you make it stick?

In any case, I am back; like the proverbial cat. And I am, once again, committing myself to writing my blog no less than 3 times a week...  Let's hope I can make this good habit stick!

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  1. Welcome back, Girlie....I'm back too! Moving across the country put a damper on my blogging/quilting/me time! LOL