Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bonnie and Alex and Ricky! Oh My!

Bonnie with my Yorkies
(Top to Bottom) Riley, Katie and Murphy
So, spending a day (or five) with Bonnie K. Hunter in her workshops is wonderful.  Having her stay in my home was so much more!  I had a chance to get to know her and watch her process of keeping the 'Quiltville' ball rolling and I have to tell you it is quite a sight to behold.  

Sunday we sewed... Bonnie had a deadline looming for a submission to one of the magazines to which she contributes.  She needed a new block design and so armed with pencil and paper off she went!  

Within a couple of hours she had designed, cut (from my scrap bins!) and sewn together her latest creation. I was so impressed.  She makes it all look so easy!  And it was a wonderful block!  I'm so excited to see it on the glossy pages of the printed magazine and know that it was designed in my house, cut from my scrap bins, and sewn on my Singer 301, Danika (named after the female race car driver because she sews so fast!).  
But the BIG day was Monday.  On Monday, we got in the
car and headed to the studio of a local fiber artist who was lending her studio space to 'The Quilt Show', an internet broadcast staring Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms.  And there I was, acting as Bonnie's assistant and having the time of my life!  It was a quilter's trifecta!  

Although admitting to nerves, Bonnie did a great job keeping her cool while taping the interview segment with Alex and Ricky and then doing the demo section.  It was a bit intimidating with camera, lighting and sound equipment everywhere but Bonnie handled it like a pro... must be all that experience on Quilt-Cam! 

It took all afternoon to film what will probably be less than hour of broadcast time but I can't wait to see it. 

Talking with the Director

The monitor where Bonnie and Alex
 could see what was filming 


Bonnie and Alex while filming

Bonnie and Alex giving me
a photo op!

Set up for the interview segment
 with Bonnie's quilts in the background

Bonnie with Ricky filming the demo
Talking the demo segment through

It was such a great 4 days but all good things must come to an end and so with great reluctance, on Tuesday, I dropped Bonnie off at the airport to return to her 'hubster' and home in North Carolina.  I did, however, FINALLY get my head together and took a 'selfie' of me, Bonnie and my dog, Murphy.

I learned a lot from Bonnie; in her workshop and watching her work and getting to know her.  I'm proud to call her a mentor and friend.
Until next time-

May your seams be ¼ inch and your bobbins full!


  1. I am delighted to have found your blog . . . love the name you chose it's very catchy and cute :) I started quilting back last fall and I am already addicted, and what a wonderful and fun addiction it is :) I adore making new blogging friends and sharing ideas. I am your newest follwer and I hope that you will follow me back.
    have a wonderful week.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. I like the last photo of us the best :) And I have a name for the block I sewed from your crumbs at your house... "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" :) YOU have a wedding coming up, the scraps were blue, and not really borrowed because Quiltmaker keeps the blocks -- but it's all kind of the same thing, you know? :)

  3. Pretty special time you got to spend with 3 of the Quilt Legends in my mind. I met all 3 last year and I was star struck as well. I remembered to take pictures though. Lots of Pictures. Bonnie is a natural behind the camera, waiting for her episode on TQS and QuiltCAM tonight.