Friday, March 21, 2014

First 2014 Completes!

Hurrah!  I am so excited!  Here they are!  The first quilts completed this year!
Let's start with my small victory...

These have been quilted and ready to be bound for about a year and a half! 
Binding is not my favorite thing to do and unfortunately every quilt ends with BINDING!
Well, once again, my hubby and I hit the road for an impromptu vacation in Phoenix, Az. and so this became my travel project.  I made 8 of these little quilts.  I've been binding them as I need them and the rest of them sit on my longarm waiting their turn.  Well, I'm tired of having them hanging around and the word of the year is FINISH, so I finished!  I'm so excited to have them done.
Another little victory...
I love this little tool tote. 
 It was one of those things where I bought the fabrics,
zippers and pattern and then just let it sit there.  Well, here it is.. DONE!
And my BIG Victory....
Scrappy Bargello...DONE!!! 
I started this quilt at Bonnie's class in Plano TX. at Fabric Fanatics. 
 I hadn't planned on taking this class but when the class ended up with an opening I jumped on the chance to get in!  Since this was a last minute thing, I didn't bring any fabric for this project. 
 Lucky for me Fabric Fanatics sells precut 2½" strips of Batiks. 
 Now, Batiks are not usually my first choice of fabrics but, "When in Rome....", right?
   I brought it along with me so that I could get the binding done.  Now, picture this... me and my sweet mother-in-law, Carnell, riding around Sun City West, in a golf cart,
looking for photo spots!
I found several locations and couldn't choose just one so here they all are!

I love trees... Have you noticed that?

And the Bougainvillea is blooming and beautiful! 
And the light really shows the quilting here.
I used a pantograph called Twine to quilt my Scrappy Bargello.
You can find Scrappy Bargello in Bonnie's book,
Scraps and Shirttails. 
You can order a signed copy from Bonnie, herself by clicking here.
While on our golf cart tour of the area we saw this neat cactus.
When it blooms, the blossom only lasts one day and then it's done for the year!

It's a pretty flower, isn't?
I'm still plugging along on Roll Roll Cotton Boll and a few others and hopefully, they will join Scrappy Bargello on the 2014 FINISHED! list very soon. 
I better get to it!
Remember, the word of the year...FINISH!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love your Sew on the Go--I am sure it will get much use! Also love the bargello quilt, I did one back when Bonnie had the challenge years ago but mine has seen better days since it was used as a door curtain and was never quilted. I keep meaning to see if I can repair it and turn it into an acutal quilt...could not bear to toss it! I have another one started too!